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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need For Speed Shift Gets Delayed - Release Date

The Need for Speed franchise is known across the world as one of the best racing series of titles. Published by Electronic Arts, these games have pushed the whole genre forward through implementing new and interesting ways to race around various circuits and city streets.

Now, after a period when the franchise hasn't really shined to its full potential, the company has announced that four more titles will appear this year in order to appeal to any type of gamer out there, be it casual or hardcore. From the casual-oriented NFS Nitro, which is scheduled to appear on Nintendo platforms, to the free-to-play NFS World Online, which is currently in beta testing in Asia, there will be a lot of racing titles coming from EA.

One of the most important titles from the ones that were announced is Need for Speed Shift, a game that focuses on simulating the most realistic driving experience by placing the player into the cockpit of cars and making them experience all of the sensations that real drivers get while racing.

Announced for September 17 in Europe and September 22 in the United States, we have now received word via NFSPlanet that the game has been delayed one week, and will be making an appearance on September 24 in Europe. No word on the North American release date, but it is also expected to be pushed back.

While this piece of news might make NFS and racing fans a bit angry, perhaps it is for the best, and the team at Slightly Mad Studios will get enough time to polish up this title and get it to retail stores across the world. Need for Speed Shift is scheduled to appear on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and PlayStation Portable.

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Anonymous said...

Hope there will no other delay and soon all of the Need for Speed will enjoy this new version.
But don't worry not all of the fans getting angry the this delay.

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